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Nas Defends Chief Keef’s Criminal Behavior

Posted By on April 15, 2014

Nas Defends Chief Keef’s Criminal Behavior

Chicago rapper Chief Keef seems to always find a way to get in trouble with the law and now rap veteran Nas has stepped in to back up Keef’s recent criminal activity.

 Nas explains why he feels the streets have contributed to most of Keef’s run-ins with the law.

 “What people gotta understand that in the street, you don’t exist until you do something to put your name on one of the history book pages. When you out there and you think you have nothing, the smallest thing can give you some purpose,” he lamented. “Whether it’s you make people scared of you, you demand respect, you put fear in people’s hearts around you, you took something from this dude, you joined that crew and you about that life… Whatever you’re doing, you feel like now you can be counted. So people don’t care about consequences because they feel like they’re starting from nothing, anyway.” (REVOLT TV)

Nasty Nas also explained how Keef is not the only person going through problems.

 “If you feel like you a zero, if you’re nothing, then you’ll do anything because you don’t want to be nothing,” the respected MC added. “You want to do anything to feel alive, and that anything could be the penitentiary chances you taking, but whatever it is, you’re gonna do it.” “It’s a tangled web we in as people – not just black people, Puerto Rican people, white people, Indians over in India is losing their minds and going crazy – it’s hard to cope just as people. There is no answers,” summed up Nas. (REVOLT TV)

Check out Nas’ interview with Revolt TV below: