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Nas Says Drake Is Doing The Smart Thing

Posted By on April 21, 2010

     Hip Hop veteran Nas recently sat down to talk about newcomer Drake and his debut album "Thank Me Later" being pushed back to June. Nas says that taking his time is one of Drake's biggest virtues. Nas says that all artists should be careful not to rush out their albums. "I think a lot of things that's messed up is if you come out with a record, brand new, and it blows up too big, that could be the worst thing that ever happens to you," Nas explained in an interview. "I think there's a lot of new cats coming out that's not just blowing up but they're taking their time. Like, we're waiting on the Drake first album, Drake's album still hasn't dropped. It should be dropping any day now but that's a great thing that it probably didn't come out last year. He waited, he got into a zone, I think that was smart. So it's a lot going on that I'm happy about."

Nas – Says Drake Taking His Time Is A Smart Move