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Nas Talks New Inspiration Outside Of Music

Posted By on April 27, 2009

    Nas recently talked about his relevance outside of hip-hop and the music game. The Queens rapper recently revealed a new motivation to make more inspirational-based music. Claiming that he's inspired by his "Untitled" album, Nas talked about his upcoming issues he plans to address while he attended a Broadcast Music Inc event last week.

    "[The nod] showed that I'm here and my voice is relevant," Nas said. "It shows my work is appreciated…It tends to scare people and offend them, a record is supposed to do that every once in a while. We have it good here in America, we're spoiled. We don't realize that people are poor, don't have food, no water in this same world we live in. Those are the things I'm concerned with and need to talk about."