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Nas Talks Music Leaks & Internet Hackers

Posted By on May 10, 2010

     Already a veteran of Rap (slash Hip-Hop), Nas, recently shared his opinion and thoughts of illegal Internet leaks. Nas asks if artists should blame low retail success on such leaking. "Before [Internet leaks,] the mob was hijacking trucks with albums," Nas explained in an interview. "Shiploads of albums were going to the warehouse and getting hijacked by the mob or the sh*t would just leak. Somebody would make a cassette copy or a CD or whatever they was doing back then, sh*t was always leaking, the black market. The Africans would be out there with the fake joints on the sidewalk. It's always gonna leak, no matter if it's the Internet or what. It was always leaking before the Internet. It is what it is. I don't like saying [the Internet takes away the sales.] When it first happened, yeah, it was a lot of music being stolen, it still is, and at first it was such a new thing that everybody blamed the Internet but it's the new world. It'll balance out eventually."

Nas – Talks Internet Hackers & Music Being Stold