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Nas Talks Upcoming Raekwon Collab

Posted By on May 18, 2010

     Nas says a collaboration with Wu-Tang's own Raekwon is coming, expecially since it didn't happen for the last album. "It's been no discussions," Nas said about appearing on Rae's new project. "You know how the music game is. Everybody is out there grindin', making music. But his last album was classic. I definitely wish I was on that piece. So yeah, something in the future is definitely likely. That'll be good."

     Nas went on to talk about Nas' upcoming solo project. "I talked to a lot of people I really like about my next project. But there's no one sitting there doing my album right now that I could speak of," he said. "This record here [Distant Relatives], I think it's gonna push me and D in our solo projects. I think any record we do, it's gotta live up to this record. It's gotta be as good or better. We set the standard with this album. I'm just excited about this record right now."

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