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Ginuwine Calls His Nas Collab One Of The Biggest

Posted By on June 15, 2010

     R&B singer Ginuwine thinks that his collab with Nas "You Owe Me" is one of the biggest from the rapper, making him a rap icon. "I think you can be versatile. You don't have to stay on one thing all the time. People have fun and they experiment and that's what he might've been doing. And everyone wants to appeal to the masses; you want your voice to be heard. With him and what he stands for, if he reached millions of other people, he could change those millions of other people. So you don't want to just keep yourself in a box, you want to get out there and experiment and do whatever it is that's going to make you huge. And that song was probably one of the biggest songs of his career. People still give me love when I do it on my shows. So I think it's healthy for someone to go out and experiment. You can't stay the same all the time. You get bored."

Nas ft Ginuwine – "You Owe Me"