Nas & Kelis Money Issues Continue

Nas & Kelis Money Issues Continue

     It looks like the Nas and Kelis divorce issues aren't completely over yet… is reporting that the hit rapper not only still owes Kelis just under $300,000 in spousal support but he is behind close to $53,000 on the mortgage for the home that Kelis currently lives in. Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, filed a payment plan that states Nas will pay $17,500 up front now and basically double the monthly payment ($7,800) to catch up.

     In related news, Nas spoke ealier this month with radio host Bootleg Kev about his marriage being over, showing that he covered her tattoo on his arm with a lion's face. "Oh my god, ladies I'm single. [laughs]…I was going through it."


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