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Nas Talks About His Album Leaking Early

Posted By on July 3, 2008

    If you have been keeping an eye on our audio section [check it out here], a lot of tracks from Nas have been hitting the internet lately that seem to be from his new Untitled album that isn't hitting stores until July 15th. Nas spoke out in a new video [watch here] that hit the internet today saying “Eh yo, what’s up y’all, this is Nas,” he says. “And you know we get
leaked. You know I been getting leaks forever. And it’s so f*cking

    Album leaks have long been discussed to whether they help or hurt album sales. Before Lil Wayne's recent success, everyone thought an album leaking early hurt album sales but Lil Wayne proved that wrong. After Lil Wayne made controversial statements about mixtape DJs, they leaked his album early. Lil Wayne went on to sell over a million copies of his Tha Carter III in the first week alone.

    Watch Nas Talk About His Album Leaking, Click Here

Nas Talks Album Leaking Early