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Nas Says Kanye Saved Hip Hop, Eminem Excites Him & Shows Behind The Scenes Of His 2 New Videos

Posted By on July 10, 2008

    In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Nas discussed many topics including his recent photo shoot where he dressed “like Kanye." Nas says “Kanye has fun with his style, and it’s just me having fun with his style. It’s like borrowing Rick Ross’s chain, and taking off my shirt for a shoot”

    After saying he never reads internet blogs, Nas did respond to Kanye West recently calling him the greatest rapper of all time. Nas says  “Oh man, good. I only feel weird when you’re saying that about me. I think Kanye West saved rap. I think Lil’ Wayne is showing there is a future for all kinds of artists to continue doing this.” Nas went on to say that Kanye West, Outkast and Eminem are rappers who “excite” finishing up by confirming this will not be his last album.

    In related news, Nas recently released his video for "Hero" [watch here] and now a series of behind the scenes footage for the video has been released [watch here]. Nas also recently shot the video for "Sly Fox" [watch here] and the director Rik Cordero talks about making the video have meaning and being creative in a recent behind the scenes video. [watch here].

Nas – "Hero" Behind The Scenes (part 1)


Nas – "Hero" Behind The Scenes (part 2)


Nas – "Hero" Behind The Scenes (part 3)