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Nas Talks About Jesse Jacksons Obama Comments and Fox News

Posted By on July 11, 2008

    Recently Rev. Jesse Jackson made controversial statements against Barack Obama last Sunday on Fox News. Jackson was unaware his microphone was on and he told a fellow guest that Obama is "talking down" to african-americans and he should cut Barack Obama's "balls off." [watch here] Political leaders and pretty much everyone is speaking up about it including, Nas. First Nas said that Jesse Jackson's "time is up" and that "it's a new time, there's a new voice, Im here now" [watch here].

    It's clear that Nas isn't a Fox News fan. Recently he released the video for his song "Sly Fox" [watch here] Nas later released a new video where he basically dissed the news network, trying to show how one-sided they are. Today Nas put out a new video where he talked more about Jesse Jackson and Fox News [watch here]. Nas says “Fox News was the first to report that Jesse Jackson was against the N*igger album. And then Fox News was the first n*ggas to tape his private conversation and hang him. Messy Jesse stop making responses to Fox News as soon as they call you on the phone. These are the same people who hang you out to dry!"

    Watch Nas Talk About Jesse Jackson & Fox News, Click Here

Nas Talks Jesse Jackson


Nas Talks Jesse Jackson & Fox News