Nas And 600,000 People Protest Fox News

Nas And 600,000 People Protest Fox News

    As we previously reported, Nas planned to join over 600,000 others in a protest against the Fox News corporation outside their building in New York City yesterday to continue his war with the network which he talked about in his video "Sly Fox" [watch here]. Nas joined [watch here] High school students, graduate degree candidates and other concerned citizens that showed up at the huge protest.

    The protestors were upset at things as an on-screen graphic that referred to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama;” or an incident in which a pundit confused Barack Obama with “Osama” and joked that they should both be assassinated. Nas talked to  local news about being at the event [watch here].

Nas At The Fox News Protest


Nas Talks About The Protest


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