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Nas Claims Guilt & Ignorance Fuel Widespread Racism

Posted By on July 24, 2013

New York MC NAs recently sat down with CNN to discuss racism and justice in the United States.

In the interview Nas claims Guilt and ignorance are two of the biggest factors in modern day racism:

“It’s guilt. It’s guilt, it’s ignorance — we tend to judge each other,” Nas said in an interview when asked about race and justice in America. “If I don’t know something about you, Anderson, I’m going to judge you based on a bad experience I had with another white person. If you don’t know me and you walk down the street and you see me, my pants are hanging, you’re going to assume the worst. We need to learn how to deal with each other, basically, because we’re starting to, at this point, America’s looking barbarian.” (CNN)


Check out the full interview below: