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Bill O’Reilly Attacks Nas, Nas Appears On Colbert Report

Posted By on July 25, 2008

    As we previously reported, Nas recently joined 600,000 other people in a protest against Fox News. This prompted the ever-hating of rap news man, Bill O'Reilly to take some shots at Nas. In a recent show, O'Reilly says Nas is "vile" rapper who has "[Nas'] target audience of children and young adults." O'Reilly also went on to bash Nas saying he just wants to promote his new album.

    In related news, Nas appeared on the comedy show The Colbert Report, where he not only talked about his jabs at Fox News but also performed "Sly Fox" [watch here].

    Watch Nas On The Colbert Report, Watch O'Reily Talk About Nas, Click Here

Bill O'Reilly Talks About Nas

Nas On The Colbert Report