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Nas Plans Album With Wife Kelis

Posted By on July 28, 2008

    Nas and Kelis have recorded tracks together in the past like Kelis' "Blindfold Me" but now Nas tells MTV that they might be doing an entire album together. "Me and my wife was thinking about doing this record together," Nas said, continuing, "I'm doing my dream. If you could, wouldn't you do it? What else would you do?" 

    Nas should be putting out a new single soon, after his last single "Hero" [watch here] has been doing pretty good with radio spins. Nas talked about "Hero" saying "I was almost gonna not do a single, but I wanted a song I could hear in the clubs, 'cause I knew the album didn't have that. I wanted a song that I could hear when I'm poppin' bottles. That's what 'Hero' was for me. Polow was one of my favorite guys; he's just a nice-ass guy. … I was like, 'No single, no video. Let's just make this a record that we talk about.' "