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Nas Talks Amy Winehouse, Foxy Brown, Kelis

Posted By on August 4, 2011

     Hip Hop slash Rap veteran Nas recently took to his twitter account to answer questions from fans on topics including his relationship with Foxy Brown, the death of Amy Winehouse and past issues with Cormega.

"ASK ME SOMETHING RAW!!! #AskNas," he tweeted August 3rd.
"Them some big n&ggaz. Shouts to them. RT @joeyquack: @NasWhos fatter Rick ross or Fat Joe? #AskNas"
"Smile RT @scottymac5: @Nas if u ran into bill o'reilly in the street what would u do/say #asknas"
"Just got off the phone with AZ. RT @Hassansins: @nas still tight with az? #asknas"
"I rock to Waka right now RT @comedian_ac: @Nas #AskNasbetter rapper soulja boy or wacka flocka"
"I have both!!!! iPhone I'm still figuring out! I suck with tech stuff RT @justFriendly: @Nas #ASKNAS Blackberry or iPhone" (Nas' Twitter)

     Later on, Nas decided to take and answer questions relating to his ex-wife, singer Kelis. Check out the Q & A below…

"Not fully. I changed it a lil bit RT @PrinceBama U cover up that Kelis tattoo yet breh??"
"RT @MolestMeRihanna: @Nas : Who the better rapper Kim or Nicki#AskNas"
"Comparin them doesn't make sense. Kim sh*t is straight legendary n historic n amazing. Nikki is the new queen of the world."
"@Isislaz Beef is some corny sh*t. We grown. That was my guy from way back. Shouts to Mega."
"Can't forget Foxy Brown n Kim all day. Shout out yo Nicki!"
"Amy was my sister. Genuine person who spoke her mind & didn't give a F*ck! "
"We shared the same bday! We was planning a party this Sept 14th! I gotta celebrate for her!"
"Thank u for ya time! Until the next ep'… Deuces! #AskNas" (Nas' Twitter)


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