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Whoo Kid Talks Beefs; He Doesn’t Like Nas (Video)

Posted By on September 19, 2011

     G-Unit's own DJ Whoo Kid recently spoke about beefs in rap and hip hop, saying despite the hype they get in the media, nothing usually comes from one rapper going after another. Despite saying he is beef-free, DJ Whoo Kid did admit that he does not like rap vet, Nas.

"The only person that I really hate is probably Nas but it's some fake hate. It's not even real hate. I just hate him for no reason. That's what hip-hop beef is about. You beef for nothing. [Rick] Ross is no beef. He shops at the same Kid Robot store that I get my toys from. So it's not like there's beef. I don't even know why we're fighting — hip-hop [has] unnecessary beef but it's good for us. We love it, it's funny and usually motherf*ckers will never confront each other. Guaranteed. It's not [late rappers] Biggie and 2Pac. That's real sh*t — all this other sh*t is WWF [wrestling]." (Hip Hop Beef)

DJ Whoo Kid – Talks Hip Hop Beefs, Doesn't Like Nas