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Nas Defends Rap; Refuses To Change Lyrics

Posted By on October 5, 2009

      Nas recently took on the long-time topic of rap lyrics and their influence on children and wether or not they cause violence. During a recent interview with CNN, Nas touched on last month's tragic death of 16 year-old Derrion Albert, saying the youth are mature enough to tell the difference between fact or fiction in his rhymes. [Nas Talks About Rap Lyrics & Violence – Watch Here]

     "I think it's the obvious thing for the media to point out one of the most violent, lyrical records I made," Nas explained in an interview referring to "Shoot 'Em Up." "I made a lot of records about children, not a lot, but I made songs about children, about struggle and those are never the songs that are talked about. There's only attention on the songs where there's violence in it, but the reality is, I'm only speaking about reality…Music comes from life, I write about what I see, I write about what I lived, I write about what I see others live and I use a little bit of imagination to talk to them…I'm bugging out that kids aren't realizing it's a new day, it's a new time. The good die young and I'm always gonna talk about that in my music…I'm not gonna change my music to make it more positive because that's not real…" [Nas Refuses To Change His Lyrics – Watch Here]

Nas Says He Won't Change His Lyrics To Be More Positive

Nas Talks Rap Lyrics & Violence