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Nas Talks The Greatest Of All Time

Posted By on October 21, 2010

     Hip Hop veteran Nas recently talked about the ever on-going "Greatest Of All Time" debate and why he thinks it's too early for artists to distinctively select who should be considered the best.

     "Somebody asked me who's the greatest emcee of all-time," Nas said in an interview. "It's too premature. It doesn't make any sense. Like, when you ask most singers who do they like, who they are inspired by, they might not say Usher, they might not say Trey Songz, they might not say Justin Timberlake. They might say Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder because they had an opportunity to look at these guys' whole body of work and greatest of all-time. And even if I may say LL Cool J as the greatest of all-time, no doubt he's the greatest, at his moment, but when you put that title on yourself it's almost like burying yourself. No diss to Cool J, he's the king, I'm just saying when you put that title on yourself, you're saying it's over. So, it's kind of early to tell. Our kids will have to say who was the greatest. Right now, you can say who's hot this year. Definitely. There are some greatest of this year but who's the greatest? Hip-Hop has never lived this long. This is the longest its ever lived. It's too early for me to even think of legacy. It's probably at its premature stages, still…." (Next 48 Hours)

Nas – Talks About The G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop