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Nas Releases ‘Be A N*gger Too’ From His New Album N*gger

Posted By on April 21, 2008

    Nas recently made headlines by announcing his new album will be called N*gger, now he's doing it again with a new track called "Be A N*gger Too." The single is the first official release from his new that has recieved intense scrutiny due to it's title. The lyrics on the song give an insight into the direction Nas' album might take. On the track he makes his take on the N-word clear with a slowed down delivery saying such things as "The real Ni**ers are back on the radio," before jumping into a verse that says…

"Not mad cause Eminem said Ni**er/Cause he’s my Ni**er/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African’s don’t like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday.”

    The song has a hook that is a play on Dr. Pepper's famous "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper Too" advertising campaign. The hook goes "I’m a Ni**er/He’s a Ni**er/she’s a Ni**er /we’s some Ni**ers/wouldn’t you like to be a Ni**er too," The rest of the chrous Nas calls out each race by using their respective racial epithets like Jews (Kike Ni**ers), Hispanics (Spic Ni**ers), Italians (Guinea Ni**ers) and Asians (Chink Ni**ers).

Listen To Nas' New Song "Be A N*gger Too", Click Here Now!