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Nas Says “We Gotta Offend”, Talks About New Album

Posted By on February 25, 2008

Although Nas has worked with a huge list of producers, he hasn't released a final track listening as of yet for his new album, N*gger. A few of his collaborators are saying the songs they did with Nas should be out soon. "Me and Nas did a record together, and it's huge," Captain Charisma himself, DJ Khaled, said last week. "Remember when Diddy and Nas did a record together called 'Hate Me Now'? In 2008, it's Nas and Khaled. We did a record for my [upcoming] album. I'm in the studio right now working for my [new] album. But I told Nas if he wants to use that for his first single, we can go and do that and make history. I hope that goes down. Either way, you will hear the record. We definitely did something, and it's huge. I actually don't know what he's calling it. I do have the record, though, and it's amazing."

Click Here To Listen To Nas' New Track "What It Is"

Nas told MTV at the red carpet of the Grammy Awards that "We gotta offend." "I'm offended. I get treated like a nigger all the time," Kelis added. "If we don't offend, we're not gonna get no answers," Nas continued. "Don't be scared, be prepared."