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Nas Talks The Future Of Politics, Releases N*gger Tape

Posted By on June 9, 2008

    Nas recently talked to MTV about Barack Obama and the state of African Americans in todays times. "It got me interested," Nas admitted. "I think in about 10 more years from today, you're gonna have more politicians who grew up listening to Illmatic that are … MCs! That are rappers. You're gonna start seeing more rappers evolve into politicians. If we have a change this year and it's a positive thing, we trusting the system now. We believe in it more. We see something positive coming out of it that makes us want to get involved more. Five or 10 years from now, you might see somebody like me trust it more. Who knows? I won't say for sure."

    Watch Nas Talk About The State of America & Politics, Click Here

    In other news, Nas’s highly anticipated mixtape, The Nigger Tape, with DJ Green Lantern hit the Web today. The 15-track set features production from Green Lantern along with DJ Toomp and DJ Khalil. The mixtape also features a narrative timeline of the Queensbridge rapper, with the Nas’ narrative key moments of his career.

Nas Talks The Future