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Nass QB Click is back for Sophmore Album

Posted By on October 26, 2003

If you want sophisticated thug introspection, go elsewhere. The Bravehearts are all about big things: chicks with big asses, big whips, big pockets and big guns.

Nas’ QB click will drop another installment of crotch grabbing bravado on December 23rd with their sophomore follow up, Bravehearted. The first single to hit the airwaves is “Quick to Back Down”, calling out all you “soggy cornflake ni**as”, featuring Nas and Lil’ Jon. The hardcore bassline, enhanced by Lil’ Jon’s signature yelp will make this sure fire in the clubs and boomin’ in the jeeps.

The album starts off strong with the intro “B train” which is reminiscent of the Clipse’s “Grindin’” isolated drumbeat but with more of an old school ’87 Bronx feel to it. However, with production by Midi Mafia, L.E.S, and newcomer Paul Poli, the range of beats outshines the limited lyricism of Jungle and Wiz. The strongest tracks are those with heavy spitter and head of the crew, Nasir Jones, cleaning up the rookie MCs’ sloppy rhymes, making things a bit more tolerable. Yet Bravehearts do cover the all too common gambit with a couple tracks for the ladies, the club banger, the go get your gun thug definitive, and of course the slow tempo attempt at reflection on “Realize”.

The most disappointing song, “I wanna”, which is rumored to be the second single, has a hook sung by an anonymous young woman, that goes as follows: “Baby I wanna fuck/ I’ll be your down ass slut/ You know I like it rough/ You can do it in my butt.” ‘Nough said.

The production is solid, the lyricism is half a step above mediocre, but if you’re looking to get amped while satisfying your street sensibility this should be playing in the background. Bravehearted is not unconventional or groundbreaking, nor is it for the easily offended or faint at heart. This album is rough around the edges street anthems, straight no chaser. So if you feelin’ hard enough, cop it.