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Posted By on January 17, 2007

Common’s been busy lately. Aside from releasing “I Have a Dream,” which features Will.I.Am and is featured in the motion picture Freedom Writers, he has also been working on his own acting skills. He was put to the test when he landed the role of Sir Ivy in Smokin’ Aces, alongside Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia and Ben Affleck. However, as Com explained, things aren’t exactly easy for a rapper/actor.
“Within this week, I’ve had a situation where I wanted to go in for an audition. But they were like, ‘Naw, we don’t want to see him because he’s a rapper," he recently said in a MySpace interview.

That hasn’t deterred the Chi-Town representative.
“I love acting. I look at it like it’s another way to express myself,” he added.
Being that Common is a force in Hip-Hop the interview swayed towards a controversial topic in the culture. When asked about Nas’ Hip-Hop is Dead, Common had nothing but words of admiration for the QB MC.
“Nas is one of the kings of hip hop. So, whatever he chooses to entitle his album, I’m with it. He’s entitled to express himself,” he said. “He can title his album what he wants because he’s Nas. You know?”
Common hasn’t forgotten about his own rap career. Reports indicate that he is finishing up work for his upcoming album, Finding Forever.
Although he’s got an album on the way, he hasn’t stopped acting. According to IMDB, Common is set to appear in American Gangster, alongside Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe and Cuba Gooding Jr. The film is currently said to be dropping later this year, but it has yet to be confirmed.