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Update: Nate Dogg Health Condition

Posted By on April 5, 2010

     Damion "Damizza" Young, who is a close friend of Nate Dogg, recently visited the West Coast rap singer  in a treatment facility and gave an update on his health. "It hurt me deeply to see my friend in such a state and I told him 'There are many people who don't know where you are or what condition you're in,'" Young wrote referring to his weekend visit. "I asked his mom and him if he had heard music in a long time. Nate's way of communicating is to look up if it's a 'Yes' and to the side if it's a 'No.' He looked at me with saddened eyes and looked to the side. I took him, in his wheelchair, to a computer and played him all the songs we've done together. He is steps away from speaking again and when I asked him in our classic inside-joke kinda way, 'let's make a deal …' I said 'I'll bring you your catalogue, headphones and a CD player if you just try to talk again.' He looked up and signaled 'Yes!' I go back in two weeks and I hope that his listening to his music helps bring him back from whatever space he's in. God knows, in my darkest times, HE was the one who pulled ME out."

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