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Ne-Yo Explains Jim Jones Altercation

Posted By on February 6, 2009

    Ne-Yo recenly appeared on radio to talk about his altercation with Jim Jones [watch here] Ne-Yo says he was shopping for Christmas with Vogn, the brother of Jay-Z's right-hand-man, when Jones walked in with two friends. “I guess Jim Jones and Vogn have had drama in the past or whatever so
Vaughn taps me on the shoulder like ,‘Unh look who just walked in
here,’” Ne-Yo said [watch here]

    Ne-Yo says "Jones wasn’t necessarily trying to hurt nobody he was more trying to
embarrass, trying to humiliate Vogn and Vogn being
who he is, Vogn wasn’t going for that. So at one point it escalated to
where Jim Jones pulled out his cell phone and started recording, put
the phone right in Vogn face, talking ‘bout ‘You a punk, you a this
you, you a that,’ recording it on some I’m gonna put this on YouTube
type. Vogn at that point couldn’t take anymore, smacked the phone outta
Jim’s hand. [And] they got to wrestling on the floor in the Louis
store.” [watch here] As we previously reported, Jim Jones plead not-guilty to the charges.

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