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Nelly Gets Jim Jonsin For New Album

Posted By on January 15, 2010

    St. Lunatics leader Nelly says he has signed up super producer Jim Jonsin to help with the follow up to his "Brass Knuckles" follow up. According to Jim Jonsin himself, Nelly wants to release the album this year. "We've done a few songs so far," Jonsin says. "Nelly's great, he's really super talented. I just know he looks pretty anxious about dropping [it] within the next couple of months for sure. I did 'Dilemma (Part 2)' with [songwriter] Rico Love and Nelly had this melody idea. I've worked with Kelly Rowland and I've heard her sound, and that kind of triggered me to call and put her in the studio. It came out really amazing. It's similar in that it's musical and it has a great melody. But the sound is a little different, a little newer." [Nelly – Get Jim Jonsin To Work On New Album – Watch Here]

    Previously, Nelly said he planned to work with Young Jeezy and Plies on the new album. "The thing is, I work best with two strikes, two outs," Nelly said. "I really think I do. As an artist, you want to wake up every day and feel like you're doing something people don't think you can do. Now I feel like I've been put in that position again, where it's more doubt than expectancy. The doubt is what fuels me, so to speak. I've been real fortunate where I have great people around me. Everybody wants to freakin' work with me — not that everybody didn't [before], but it's different because I didn't work with a lot of people. Coming into this situation, it's beautiful…In the booth right now, it's kind of different. I got Sean Paul, Akon…as far as the rappers go, Plies. Me and [Young] Jeezy talking about some things now. I'm not finished, but I'm a good portion on the way." [Nelly – Talks Jeezy & Plies For New Album – Watch Here]

Nelly – Gets Jim Jonsin For New Album