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Nelly Addresses the Shift In His Sound on His New Single “Hey Porche”

Posted By on January 31, 2013

Nelly’s new single, “Hey Porche”, is his first work to make an appearance on Billboard’s Pop chart in more than two years, and with that has come some concerns and criticism in what seems to be the rapper’s attempt at crossing over into the Pop arena.

During a recent interview with Power 107.5’s Misty Jordan, Nelly openly talked about the shift in styles that has raised eyebrows with certain fans and critics. He interated that while he can relate to the concern associated with his movement across genres, it was extremely important to him to display his diversity. He implied that with over 14 years in the game, he should have that latitude.

“Does ‘Ride Wit Me’ sound like ‘E.I.?’ Does ‘E.I.’ sound like ‘Country Grammar’? Does ‘Country Grammar’ sound like ‘Hot In Herre’?” He said. “I don’t know [if I’m going in a different direction] ‘cuz I went in that direction for every song that I had was different. That was my point. I don’t know, it sounds like ‘Ride Wit Me’ meets 2013. Don’t get it twisted, shawty, I was just teasing. I kinda get what you mean [Laughs]. It’s one of those things where I think it’s been 14 years, and versatility has been a key of lasting in the business.”

Nelly’s point of his longevity should not go unnoticed, he has a good feel for the game and knows what works for him.