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Nelly Tells Kat Stacks To Stop Lying

Posted By on April 19, 2010

    Leader of the St Lunatics, Nelly, recently confronted his alleged groupie Kat Stacks over the weekend, asking her why she continues to lie about their relationship. Saying he never had a relationship with her, Nelly went on Shade 45 to talk about the situation. "Sweetheart, all you have to tell me is what hotel did we f*ck in," Nelly said during a radio interview. "You have to tell me one that we've been f*cking around at for two months. Tell me one of them, please…I've been exposed? You lie. You can't tell me one hotel. You can't tell me one hotel in two months that you've seen me at ever in your life…And find that hotel we f*cked at because you said it was several of them. Why is it you can go into details about everybody else but me? Why we ain't got no details? What happened? Get the f*ck out of here. I can't even understand her. Let me go get my son. It's to your best interest to quit with the lies. She knows she's lying. I know one motherf*ck that didn't touch her. I know one for sure."

Nelly – Confronts Kat Stacks Live