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Nelly Talks About His 5.0 Album Title

Posted By on June 4, 2010

     Nelly recently confirmed rumors that his upcoming new album would be called "5.0" explaining where the name came from. "It's a lot of things. It's also my fifth drop date. It's just the energy of it all. [The Mustang] 5.0 was always one of my dream cars. As soon as I had enough money to buy one of these mothaf*ckers, they stopped making these sh*ts. It was just like, 'Ahhh!' You know in Menace II Society when he jacked that ride? And then they came back… That was like the ultimate scene. I always wanted one of them mothaf*ckers, money green. But when I got a chance, they stopped making them. I had this meeting with Ford where they asked me these random questions about cars and I just got to talking it up. I was like, 'Why ya'll ain't brought back the 5.0 Mustang? That sh*t was hot!'"

      Previously we reported that the St. Lunatics leader will get help from
everyone like Usher and Jamie Foxx to Janet Jackson,
and even Sean "Diddy" Combs" for his upcoming solo
project, he's calling "5.0"  Snagging hot producer Jim
to work with him in the studio for "5.0," a reference to a
2011 Mustang 5.0 liter V8 that Nelly says will make the album's cover.


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