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Nelly Talks His Brass Knuckles Album Flop

Posted By on September 9, 2010

     St. Louis rapper Nelly recently talked about his 2008 "Brass Knuckles" album not doing as well as his past releases and why his early success has become more of a measuring tool against him.

      "I think being gone for so long between albums – for about 4 years – and with the way music is changing drastically, I think sometimes you have to remind people of what it is that you do. Kids nowadays, their intentions spans are so short; it's not like when I first came out and we would have 'songs of the summer' and a song that lasted all summer long. Now it's like 'song of the week' or 'song of the month' and you move on to the next joint. Now it's just a little different and I think that at that time it was just one of those albums that got lost in the transition but it's a career; it's not like some people are look at it like 'it's over.' Out of 5 albums that dropped I only had one that didn't sell over 4 million (giggles); every other record I did sold 4 million plus. I think it's just one of those things where when you succeed so much people almost want to see not succeed on a high level or they expect you to; they stop looking at it as an accomplishment and start looking at it as a requirement."


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