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Nelly Defends His Aduilt Music Video (Watch Here)

Posted By on September 22, 2010

     Nelly recently put out an adult-type music video (yet still years old) for the song called "Tip Drill." Saying it shows another side of his creativity, Nelly says the 2003 video gave him a chance to just have fun.

     "I'm not bound by anything in terms of my freedom to create, who says everything you create has to be accepted by everyone? If I only did one thing, one way then I wouldn't be an artist. Everything in the history of art and music wasn't accepted at first. Not to say what I did wasn't risqué, but it was needed at the time. All I did was entertain adult fans. It even came on an adult show at 3 a.m. It wasn't like the girls in the video were offended by it. Never will I take any of that back. I didn't make 10 of them. I made one video and people wanted to condemn me for it. And people wanted that video to outweigh all the other good things I've done. All my not-for-profit work, helping find marrow donors, community programs and take all that away from me. I was just young and having fun."

Nelly – Tip Drill (Adult Music Video)