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Nelly 5.0 Might Be Just A Dream (Audio & Video)

Posted By on September 23, 2010

     Nelly is currently working on his new "Nelly 5.0" album lead off by his new "Just A Dream" single, which you can listen to below. The St. Louis rapper recently sat down to discuss his upcoming album…

     "Basically I just fell into it when I heard the beat," Nelly said of his new single. "I'm such a fan of the guitar and strings so when I heard the beat it kinda through me there but I also knew that the song had to be relatable on all levels and what's more relatable on all levels then talking about relationships and things to that nature."

     Nelly's last album, "Brass Knuckles," flopped hard and the St Lunatic leader hasn't done much music sense…Albums from the tics' and Nelly himself have been rumored on and off but nothing ever came out… So will this new project actually come out? Time will tell.

      Check out Nelly's full interview along with his single below!

Nelly – New Single "Just A Dream" From "Nelly 5.0"


Nelly – Talks New Album & "Just A Dream"