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Nelly Plans New St Lunatics Album

Posted By on September 24, 2010

     Nelly recently announced plans to put together and release a new St. Lunatics album by this upcoming November. Despite not setting a specific date, Nelly did explain why it has taken almost 10 years to release a follow-up to their debut album.

      "A lot of y'all been following us," Nelly said in an interview. "You know the history. Our first album was called Free City, in honor of my little brother [City Spud] who was locked up right before we dropped Country Grammar.He wasn't with us, and we dropped the first Lunatic album. We didn't want to do another Lunatic album until he came out. We kinda got crossed up with that, 'cause we were hoping almost every year it would be the year he got out. Had we known he wouldn't get out till nine years later, obviously, we would have done another Lunatic album. But my brother is free now."

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