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Nelly Says He’s 100% Beef Free (Video)

Posted By on October 14, 2010

      St Lunatic leader, Grammy-award-winning rapper, Nelly recently shared his views on rap beefs and why he says he will not diss any other emcees. Nelly says rap feuds are not a focus or part of his career.

     "With me, I always wanted to come in and just do me. So beefs and all that s**t ? Unless it's personal – I mean, don't get it twisted cuz, I'm from St. Louis, you know what I'm saying. We get it in. If you got something to say to me, then say it. You shouldn't have, 'cause I ain't in your business. I ain't got nothing to do with you, and I ain't never thought about nothing like that. But if you feel like you need to step to me…As far as beefs in music, I try to stay away from that, because that don't work for me. My fans don't buy my albums because they want to hear me go talk about somebody else. My fans don't come to my concerts because they want to hear me stand on stage and diss somebody else. They come to see Nelly. They come to see and hear the songs that they've been purchasing and supporting, so there's no room in my career for that."

Nelly – Footage (Says Hes 100 Beef Free)