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Huey Takes On Nelly

Posted By on June 20, 2007

Riding the wave of his break out hit "Pop, Lock And Drop It," St. Louis newcomer Huey is ready to show and prove with his debut album Notebook Paper. With his CD hitting stores yesterday, SOHH caught up with the young rhyme-spitter as he waxed poetic about his new album, the "new St. Louis," and his beef with Nelly.

"I never figured it would be a movement like it is. I figured if I go for the females, I'd get a lot more support. I wanted to talk about something other than busting heads," said Huey of the success of his hit "Pop, Lock And Drop It" and the subsequent dance, The G5, that followed. "My manager's daughter was already doing it to the song and we happened to turn on YouTube and saw people doing the same dance to it. So it was kinda like it was meant to be."

Though the 19 year-old rapper is excited about the way the song has been received, he's quik to note that his album is not just one big party.

"The album is very versatile. 'Pop, lock' is the only dance record on there. I got swag records, gangsta songs, conscious songs that'll make you sit down and think…just wait and see. I got everybody back home calling it the New St. Louis."

Though the album features guest appearances from Yo Gotti, Bow Wow, Lloyd and Diamond of Crime Mob, fellow St. Louis rapper Nelly will not be making any cameos alongside the young artist any time soon.

"I'm only cool with Chingy and Jibbs, everybody else can kiss my a$$. Nelly is disrespectful and arrogant. His head is as big as this f#@$ing table I'm sitting at. He's on some arrogant, unsupportive bullsh!t," he told SOHH.

"When he found out I got my deal, he didn't congratulate or anything. I met him at Club Toxic and the label wanted me to reach out to get features from other established artists from St. Louis. So I asked him and he basically said, 'Look here dirty, it's not gonna happen. Especially with this being your first album, it's not gonna happen.' It's crazy because I can go out of town and get love but when I go home I can't get the same respect? But he's small talk."

With his next single, "When I Hustle" featuring Lloyd, starting to gain momentum, Huey also has plans to hit the road this summer as well. Huey also stressed that he will do his best to show his fans the same love that they've shown him.

"I just want people to know me as a real a$$ dude. It's a job, but at the same time I don't want people to think I'm not gonna show love. I'll sign every autograph that I can. I love my fans."

Huey's Notebook Paper is in stores now.