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Nicki Minaj Gets Co-Sign From Jay-Z

Posted By on February 5, 2010

     Nicki Minaj recently talked about how Jay-Z recommended her to Robin Thicke as a guest star on his single "Shakin' It 4 Daddy." Not only did the singer take Jigga's advice, but he also brought Minaj with him on various performance dates, even appearing with her on "The Late Show" With David Letterman. "[I] cannot put into words how I felt when he told me that," Nicki said about the Jay co-sign. "[Robin] was like, 'By the way, let me tell you this great story.' "

     Robin Thicke says "It was Jay's idea," speaking about "Shakin' It 4 Daddy" collabo. "We were in the studio and I played him the whole album. He was like, 'You should get Nicki Minaj on that. She's got that voice. She's got that swag.' So I leaned over and was like, 'Somebody get Nicki Minaj on the phone! Jay-Z said so!' Next thing you know, we called Nicki. She was excited. But once we told her it was Jay-Z's idea to get her on the track, she started screaming on the phone. She was all excited. She's a super, super talent. I can't wait to do a video with Nicki. There's a power in her. It's not just that she's sexy and that's the only way she can get you to like her. She's got charm — not just sex. Some women may use sex to get what they want; others have charm. She's got charm."

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