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Nicki Minaj Releases Apology Concerning The Artwork For Latest Single

Posted By on February 13, 2014

Nicki Minaj Releases Apology Concerning The Artwork For Latest Single

Nicki Minaj dropped a new song/video a few days ago, and it’s already stirring up controversy.  The self proclaimed “Barbie” decided to use an image of Malcolm X as the cover artwork for the song, which had a lot of people raise eye brows as to why she would use him on the artwork. Nicki took to her instagram today to issue an official statement concerning the brewing controversy.


“What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin A** N*ggaz? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin A** N*ggaz and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy.” (Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)

“I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word “n*gga” causes so much debate in our community while the “n*gga” behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you” (Nicki Minaj’s Instagram)


The cover art in question can be seen below:



Check out the video for “Lookin Ass Nigga” below:

  • David Seitz

    the song stupid anyways

  • Too Deep

    No disrespect lil mama but honestly, the explanation does not serve a full purpose….. Why? Because Malcolm was holding the gun looking to protect his family because people were coming to do them harm, you or the people you work for who did this are just getting paid. BIG DIFFERENCE. Even if this wasn’t meant to be the cover, why leave it up there when you saw who it was and what it looked like? Why not take it down instantly? Why should your fans and America have to complain about it before anything was done? You are an icon that so many people look up to, IT REALLY DOES MATTER WHAT YOU SHOW OUR CHILDREN, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE THAT OR NOT. God called you to be a great leader, what is this? It doesn’t matter if people except people acting ignorant or like the “N” word, we shouldn’t perpetuate it further. One wrong act can destroy a person’s world. Personally, I don’t think that your sorry for it at all, I’m look at how your apology comes off, have your read what you said? Read over, maybe it will make sense then. YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE AND BE DIFFERENCE; OTHERWISE, WHY ARE YOU HERE AND TRULY, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? Be Blessed