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Rah Digga Says Its Nickis Turn To Rise

Posted By on March 25, 2010

    Rah Digga, the former Flipmode Squad member headed by Ludacris, recently made some comments about new first lady of Young Money, Nicki Minaj. Saying that she doesn't think that hip hop allows more than one female artist to riase a ne time, Rah Digga went on to say "I think she's just one facet of it," Digga said about Nicki taking hip-hop to the next level. "It's unfortunate that with the females, it only gets to be one at a time. This year, it's Nicki Minaj. At one point it was Remy [Ma]. At one point, it was [Lil] Kim. To me, everybody just takes turns. I don't look at one person and say this is it for hip-hop. I think everybody brings all kind of different things to hip-hop. As soon as I come, everybody's like 'this is the real hip-hop!' Whoever is poppin' is where it's poppin'. [Laughs] I think it's important for females to do as much together as we can. We always say we wanna do stuff. And we might do some songs here and there. But we're not really coming together. And it doesn't help that soon as one of us puts a song out the public turns it into a diss song towards the next chick. I think there are all sorts of lanes for everybody. As long as chicks continue to do their thing and stand their ground, they'll be alright. With me, it just about rhyming."


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