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Nicki Minaj Drops Her “Massive Attack Single (Audio)

Posted By on March 30, 2010

     The first lady of Young Money Nicki Minaj recently dropped her first official single from his upcoming untitled debut album. "Massive Attack," which features Sean Garrett, Starting to go around the net last night, a video is expected to be coming soon. Sean Garrett sings on the hook while Nicki spits "Hotter than in Pakistan," Nicki raps, "Click, click, Young Nick the atomic bomb/Yeah, see it then you like your tongue/Wet that, it taste good, get you some/Whip it, got ten bad, bad, we sh-sh-shut it down/The club's got glitches/Dig it? And while you do that, GT's pulling up — Pop a bottle just to get my head right, tell the doctor go and get my meds, right/Monster, you know it wouldn't be proper if we didn't return with a big rocket launcher…"

Nicki Minaj ft Sean Garrettt – Massive Attack