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Nicki Minaj Drops Out Of Rihanna’s Tour

Posted By on April 8, 2010

     The first lady of Young Money will soon be dropping out of the "Last Girl on Earth" tour which features Rihanna and Ke$ha, in order to have more time to work on her debut album. " *sighs* how…how do i say this…hope the barbz will understand…hate letting them down. *sighs again while in deep thought*," she wrote. " Barbz I'm sorry 2 say I will not be going out on RiRi's tour. I've decided 2 use that time 4 the completion of my album. Hope u understand. Barbz, Thx 4 understanding. And Thanks to Rihanna 4 being a sweetheart and extending this great opportunity 2 me. Support the show! Luv, HB"

Nicki Minaj – Backs Out Of Riahnna's Tour – Watch Interview