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Nicki Minaj Talks New Found Fame (Video)

Posted By on April 11, 2011

     Young Money's first lady Nicki Minaj recently discussed her new found fame, her platinum selling debut album and the mainstream exposure she has been getting. Nicki explains how getting such a high profile has made her more careful about the choices she makes.

"To know that I'm 'making waves,' it feels good but it gives me a little more pressure. Because before, I would do things without thinking," she said. "I would do an interview without thinking or wear something without thinking, but it makes me put a lot more thought because now, I know people are going to pick it apart. Whether they love or hate it, people are going to pick it apart…It comes with the territory. You want to be one of those females in the business that people want to see what you're going to wear and what you're going to do and what you're going to say…I just take the good with the bad. I cannot complain. I've been living my dream, and I wouldn't trade it for the world." (Elle)

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