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Da Brat Says Nicki Mianj Reps For All Females

Posted By on April 21, 2011

     Female rapper Da Brat recently shared her opinon on Nicki Minaj's image and why she feels the Young Money artist represents all female emcees. Along with her content, Da Brat says she also likes Nicki Minaj's wardobe choices.

"I don't know what it was, but hopefully with Nicki Minaj being out, people will pay more attention now to see that we got it crackin', too," Brat explained in an interview. "I appreciate what she does, and I like her music. I like the fact she doesn't stay in a box. I like the fact that she sings. I like the fact that she wears different-colored wigs and that she's all about the fashion. I dig that. I don't want to stray too far from myself because naturally I am a tomboy. Naturally I have a whole lot of swag, and I ain't letting that go, but I'm tired of these braids." (Sister 2 Sister)

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