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Nicki Minaj Going All Natural From Now On

Posted By on April 22, 2014

Nicki Minaj has been known for wearing outrageous outfits and hair styles, but she recently spoke on peoples reactions to her going back to her natural hair and not dressing up in over-the-top outfits while being in public.

According to Minaj, she has been getting a lot more attention lately because she has decided to go back to her all natural look.

 “I went so far to the other side that there’s only one place to go from there,” Minaj told us while promoting “The Other Woman.” “You can either continue doing costumes or you can just say, ‘Hey guess what? This will shock them even more. Doing nothing will shock them even more.'” (MTV)

Nicki also gave fans a little insight on her upcoming solo LP.

 “The tracks on Pink Print are back to my hip-hop roots. And I don’t think it’s something that I’m necessarily trying to do. As soon as I started working on my new album, that’s just the songs that I’ve been writing,” she said, adding that not every track on the album is like “Lookin’ Ass” and “Chi-Raq.” (MTV)