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Nicki Talks 50 Cent’s Body; Kanye’s Ego

Posted By on June 1, 2010

     Nicki Minaj recently "weighed" in on 50 Cent's weight loss (aka body) along with Kanye West's ego. Beyond 50, the new Young Money barbie also broke down Trey Songz body and even spoke on Robin Thicke and Usher. "Usher, I always liked his, you know, [body] and he's a great dancer," Nicki told rap personality Funkmaster Flex. "[laughs] Robin is a very sexy appealing man, whenever I see him, he looks like a doll. [Trey Songz has] a body to die for. If I'm being honest, I've never been into the real sexy dude, the dude that do sexy faces and stuff, I don't even like when girls do that. 50's cut. [laughs] 50's cut. 50's also, big cut. Kanye's cockyness makes him a ten. That's the same with 50 too. They're so over-the-top confident."

Nicki Minaj – Talks 50 Cent's Body, Kanye's Ego



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