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Nicki Minaj Talks Pink Friday Debut Album (Video)

Posted By on August 9, 2010

      Young Money's new star Nicki Minaj recently gave details on her upcoming "Pink Friday" solo album debut, saying the new project will show the growth as an rapper over the last three years. Nicki says 2009 was a turning point and it would show on the new album.

      "Things happen really quickly, and you should take a moment and absorb it," she says in a Live Q&A with Billboard.com on Friday (Aug 6). "To be honest, the last year of my life, I can't tell you where it began and ended, or what happened in between. I can't remember dates, I just keep going. I didn't realize things would move so quickly…Life is about growth and I don't want to remain the same my whole life — I want to be able to change. I respect people that love '07 Nicki, and I'm definitely going to give you some stuff on 'Pink Friday,' I won't forget anybody. But I have to be true to me — I started seeing different things, going to different places, eating different things. It would be fraudulent to rap the same way and look the same way, because I'm not the same. Period."

Nicki Mianj – Talks Pinks Friday Album Debut