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Nicki Minaj Talks About Her 20-Year Plan

Posted By on August 24, 2010

      The new first lady of Young Money, Nicki Minaj, recently let everyone know her 20-year plan which includes switching her image, taking on television writing and even a massive hairstyle change. Although she is known for her fancy clothes and crazy shoe game, Nicki says she would not mind being "regular" like everyone else.

      "I'd like to be able to come out in jeans and slippers. The world has seen all my crazy antics, so now I'm ready to be a regular person…I like to experiment with hair and makeup, so maybe I'll just shave my whole hair bald…I know right now she has no idea who I am, but I'd like to collab with Enya one day. Of course I'd love to work with Jay-Z, maybe even Phil Collins. I love his voice."


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