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Did Nicki Minaj Lie About Reason For VMA Wardrobe Malfunction?

Posted By on August 25, 2014

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards Nicki Minaj performed and apparently had a dress malfunction, which she claims she just didn’t have enough time to get ready. New reports claim Minaj is lying about the malfunction and that she pulled the same stunt in rehearsals.

According to reports, people who watched the rehearsals Sunday (August 24th) morning claim she wore the same dress unzipped.

“Eyewitnesses who watched Nicki’s rehearsal Sunday morning tell TMZ … she walked on stage wearing the same dress — unzipped. One eyewitness says it caught her eye because she initially thought Nicki had come out in a robe.” (TMZ)

Reports also claim that the VMA’s made a special dressing room on the stage for her to have plenty of time to change.

“ And we’re told … the VMAs created a make-shift dressing room right off stage — draped with black sheets — so she would have enough time to change.” (TMZ)