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Nicki Minaj Wants To Kiss Lauryn Hills Feet

Posted By on September 8, 2010

      Nicki Minaj recently talked about hip hop vet Lauryn Hill making a return to the spotlight recently after 11 years. Talking to DJ Drama, the Young Money star talked about how much she admires the Fugees singer.

     "It's like, freaking, I want to bow down and kiss her feet," Minaj said about the return of Lauryn Hill. "Like, I think everyone in my generation, we look at her as a freaking, and I hate to say this because it sounds kinda blasphemous, she's almost like a godly-type of creature. It's not human. So the fact that she's doing stuff and performing, I think that it's a great day and I've always loved her and I still love her and I always will love her, and that's about it."

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