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Nicki Minaj Uses Her Fame To Escape Criminal Punishment

Posted By on September 11, 2013

Nicki Minaj recently used her fame to help her get out of a traffic ticket. Minaj took to her Twitter and posted a picture to break the news of her run in with the cops.

“Nicki Minaj appears to have gotten a big pass by a starstruck cop who was on the verge of writing the singer a ticket … until the officer realized who she was about to bust. Nicki tweeted a pic of a note she says she wrote to the cop’s daughter, in which she wrote, “My beautiful barb Ayana! You and your mom are amazing! Love always, Nicki.” Nicki says Ayana’s mom is a traffic cop who was about to write her up.” (TMZ)

The New York City police are reportedly not going to further investigate the situation.

“It’s unclear what traffic violation Nicki allegedly committed, but what is pretty clear … sometimes it pays to be a celeb. We reached out to several law enforcement agencies in the NYC area — where Nicki is currently hanging out for Fashion Week — but so far we don’t know which agency let her skate. One interesting thing … an NYPD official told us … they weren’t going to investigate to see if it happened in their jurisdiction, because they had way more important things to do. Fair point.” (TMZ)

Check out the image below: