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Lil Wayne Finds Out Nick’s Album Title From A Fan

Posted By on September 23, 2010

     According to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne found out about her debut album being titled "Pink Friday" from a fan who wrote him a letter as he serves his time at Rikers Island. During an interview with DJ Funkmaster Flex, Nicki says that she just hadn't had time or a chance to tell Weezy before the fans did.

     "He said that people were writing him in jail saying, 'Oh, we loved Thank Me Later and we can't wait for Pink Friday.' So he said he was looking at the letters like, 'What the h*ll is Pink Friday? Because I didn't even tell him my album name and stuff and he found out in jail because of like, the fans writing him letters. He was like, 'OK Nick, that's the name of your album?' And we were just having a great conversation and I stayed there for like, two hours and then broke out. But thank God he'll be back November 4th."

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